Business Dictionary

Some things i’ve come around over the years that i had to look up.

CapEx – capital expenditure > money spent at once as an investment
OpEx – operational expenditure > money spent on a recurring basis

USP – unique selling point > Something you can offer to customers that noone else does.

B2B – Selling to other businesses
B2C – Selling to consumers

ROAS – Return on ad spent > How much do you earn for every dollar spent on ads.
ROI – Return on investment > How much do you earn back for every dollar spent as an investment.

KPI – key performance incators > Statistics that show how good your business is doing.

R&D – Research & Development > Area of your business dealing with creating and improving products.

A/B Testing – Testing multiple version of a page to see which one gains more conversions
CTR – Click through rate > How many people click through to another page or on your ad.

PPC – Pay per click > Paid ads
SEO – Search engine optimization > Organic traffic through google
CRO – Conversion rate optimization > Trying to get more conversions as a percentage of visitors.

COR – Cost of revenue > the cost of producing and delivering a product to customers, excluding indirect costs such as marketing and R&D. The part of expenses that doubles if the number of sales doubles.

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