Be a decent client / seller

The rant of my life. Someone wants to sell you something that they’ve created, loved and cared for.

Please be decent customer. This seller (hopefully) isn’t just here to take your money. They have something you need and are happy to give it to you.

This also works the opposite way. Be a good seller.
We are in this world together, for whoever’s sake please don’t just apply shitty tricks from the book to get more money. What is your goal in life? I hope happiness. Do those 20 extra bucks make you happier? Yes, maybe. But does that add up to a constant feeling of happiness just being friendly to people, offering them something you care about and having them be friendly back. Look at village caf├ęs that are always full of people. A good mood and care brings one way further than pushing every client to pay those 3 bucks extra.

Be decent, be friendly. Be happy.

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